Ride with the Flat Water Gang
Ride with the Flat Water Gang: Your Source for Prairie Boss Genetics Offering Top Quality Red Angus Bulls

The Flat Water Gang is comprised of three Red Angus Breeders from the Great American Plains of Nebraska. Our name stems from our desire to represent our programs and state in a unique and historical manner. The word "Nebraska" originates from the languages of the various Native American Indian tribes that lived on these lands and translates to "flat water".

As you explore our individual pages, you will notice our programs are similar with many of the same herd sires and prefixes in the pedigrees. This is a joint production sale with the common goal of marketing problem-free red angus cattle. We aspire to develop genetics that will create the most efficient and profitable cattle for the commercial rancher. Calving ease, disposition, udder quality and overall structure represent the core of the type of animal we aim to produce. These factors affect every producer's bottom line and cannot be overlooked. Thanks for the interest. We look forward to hearing from you!
Cooksley Red Angus
Ben & Jilleen Cooksley
Anselmo, NE
Sandbur Ridge Red Angus
Ross A. & Dani Knott
Petersburg, NE
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