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The Mission of our programs is: Supplying the commercial industry with genetics that are profitable for every segment in the production cycle.

From conception, to the cow herd, and to consumption the genetics we offer are balanced and sustainable. We strive to produce males and females from tried and proven genetics that will place the cow calf man in the best possible position to sell highly desirable feeder cattle, or retain ownership to harvest, as well as the option to keep and or sell high quality replacement females. As we have focused on the mission of our operations we are seeing the value in the longevity of the cow herd and improvement in the udder quality, structural integrity and fertility of the herds. It takes a much more disciplined approach to focus on building a cow herd when compared to breeding to the next popular, high selling bull. We feel this approach is best for helping our customers to be as profitable as possible for the long term.

Providing natural environment

Our cows are run on native Nebraska sandhills pastures. They have to cover 12 to 15 acres each summer grazing period to consume the forage needed to raise a calf, and rebreed timely for the next season. After the pasture season we turn our cows to corn stalk fields, and winter range. As the growing season has ended, the nutritional value of the remaining residue is less palatable and nutritious for the cow herd. Our cows’ ability to consume higher volumes of less nutritional value forage makes them a low cost, and low overhead factory for the next season’s calf raising cycle. The cows are brought in closer to facilities during the calving period and then taken back to pastures. We are striving to have cows that can produce at a high level and repeat this cycle for 10 plus years.

Routine feed and health check

Our cows graze Nebraska’s sandhills pastures during summer, covering vast acreage for optimal forage consumption. Transitioning to corn stalk fields and winter range post-summer, they efficiently utilize less nutritious residue. During calving, cows are closer to facilities, then back to pastures. This sustainable approach ensures a low-cost, low-overhead operation for our next calf-raising cycle. Our goal: a thriving, high-producing herd that repeats this cycle for over a decade. Regular feed and health checks are integral to their well-being.

Our team

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Production Controller

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Project Manager

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