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Red Angus

Ridge 978-8034

Registration number: #1244497

8034 has been a mainstay in our herd since her first calf was born in 2010. She had 13 natural calves with a 364-day calving interval. Birth weight ratio 0f 99 on 13 head, weaning weight ratio of 105 on 13 head and an MPPA of 104. We lost her in the fall of 2022, however we continue to access her genetics through her daughters and her son Ridge RAD 9075. Continue to look for this herd matriarch in the pedigrees of our cattle, she was one of the very best!!
Sandbur Ridge

Ridge 009-8024

Registration number: #1244505

8024 has left her mark in several of the offspring in our operation. She has 12 natural calves and 21 donor calves to her credit. The 12 head of natural calves have a collective Birth weight ratio of 82 and a Weaning weight ratio of 104 and a MPPA of 104. We have used her sons and have several daughters in our herd. She is a low birthweight daughter of 5L Norseman King 2291 and her influence has been and will continue to be felt throughout the red angus breed.
Sandbur Ridge

Ridge 2040-4413

Registration number: #1690193

4413 represents what we believe to be an outstanding red angus female. Dark red, deep body, correct structure, and very productive. She has placed females into our herd and there are sons working throughout the commercial and purebred cattle industry. We strive to continue to breed and raise females of this caliber.
Red Angus

Ridge 8132-0017

Registration number: #1379102

0017 is one of the power, performance and volume cows from our operation. She has 9 natural and 8 donor calves to her credit. She produces higher birthweight offspring with added muscle, chest floor and spring of rib. The offspring 0017 has produced as put her in the top 16% for Pros, top 36% Herd Builder, and top 18% Grid Master, while maintaining a 106 MPPA. We are currently using one of her son’s as a walking herd bull, and we have several daughters in the herd that are producing well above out initial expectations.
Red Angus

Ridge 9015-1123

Registration number: #1441914

1123 is a low birthweight, easy fleshing, high capacity daughter of Mushrush LT Julian LG S005. She has 11 natural calves and 7 donor calves to her credit so far. She has a Birth weight ratio of 85 and a Weaning weight ratio of 101 and a MPPA of 101. 1123 is very easy keeping and has a great utter. We will continue to use her influence via her sons and daughters as well as our plans to continue to flush her. She raises sure bet calving ease offspring.

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Sandbur Ridge Red Angus

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