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Ben Cooksley

Reference Sires

Red Angus

5L Legend 425V

Registration number: 1261711

Dark red, moderate framed and wide based. Produces useful and attractive females.
Red Angus

Milk Creek Express 9127

Registration number: 1309400

Sires low to moderate birth weight cattle that are thick, deep bodied and easy fleshing with quiet dispositions. Semen Available: Please call Paul Birnie at (308) 870-3133.
Red Angus

5L Red Edge 743-30V

Registration number: 1261106

Red Angus

5L Blazin Red 1354-6166

Registration number: 1115981

Red Angus

Red Crowfoot 8081U

Registration number: 1525818

Flat Water Gang

Ridge Troubadour 0014

Registration number: 1379118

Red Angus

Ridge Topgun 9513

Registration number: 4146184

A calving ease specialist that has moved on to the cow pastures. 9513 is sired by 5L Topgun 560-65B and his dam, Ridge Aquila 552-8066 has been an excellent producer. 8066 has put several herd bulls into some of the top red angus programs.
Red Angus

J2R Proposition H007

Registration number: 4333875

H007 is a very attractive bull, he is long sided and big hipped. He is extremely fluid in his movement and correct is his structure. We are looking forward to getting his daughter’s in production.
Sandbur Ridge

Lacy Quindaro 056J

Registration number: #4585847

Balance, Balance, Balance describe this Iron Mike son. He has everything, EPD’s, Individual performance, Carcass, Structure and a pedigree that gets us excited about the son’s and especially the daughters. The first calves from Quindaro will be born in the spring of 2024 and given the way he has developed as a 2-year-old, we are really looking forward to the impact this young herd bull will have on our operation.
Sandbur Ridge

Ridge Avalanche 2051

Registration number: #4621947

Ridge Avalanche has big time herd bull potential. His combination of a superior dam, outstanding individual performance and a phenotype that works in all stages of the production cycle make him a great choice for the most discriminating cattlemen. We feel he is a sure bet to raise outstanding replacement females. Look for his offspring in the 2025 sale season.
Sandbur Ridge

Red LWNBRG Exile 11K

Registration number: #4834762

Dark red powerhouse. Exile comes from a highly productive cow family in the Leeuwenburgh Angus cow herd. Excellent structure, great feet, exceptional heal depth on all 4 corners and an easy disposition, these things are just few of the reasons why we are looking forward to getting his calves on the ground in the spring of 2024. Exile 11K is a true performance powerhouse, thick, durable, rugged build, powerful and square rump and all this put on a heavier bone structure with a solid 6 frame. The maternal side of his pedigree is supported by the strength of Red Ted Shoco Data 18W, this cow has 13 natural calves to her credit and is a CAA Elite dam. We are excited to bring this standout into our herd bull battery. Look forward to his offspring in our 2025 sale.
Sandbur Ridge

C-Bar Red Baron 207J

Registration number: #4534321

We are very excited to be a part owner of Red Baron. He has a great look, power and style. His first calves are showing the frame and structure to support the growth and power that lead us to buy into the Baron 207J bull. The daughters appear to be the right kind to build a productive, low maintenance and structurally correct cow herd. We do have semen on Red Baron and it is available for purchase.
Sandbur Ridge

Bieber Stockmarket H198

Registration number: #4303429

This son of the popular Bieber CL Stockmarket E119, has proven to be a high growth and high marbling sire. His first daughters will be calving in the spring of 2024 and they appear to be easy fleshing, and deep bodied. The sons have good thickness and growth as well as very good overall carcass qualities. We will continue to use this sire as a walking herd bull and we do have semen available for later use and to market.
Sandbur Ridge

Kuhns Max J192

Registration number: #4520093

Power, bone, length, and maternal best describe this herd bulls’ qualities. The EPD profile does not reflect the individual in this case. We will be using this sire natural service and as he gets offspring into the association we believe the numbers will improve and come into line with the qualities Max displays.
Sandbur Ridge

Red Aro Mr 125

Registration number: #4631773

Dark red, moderate and very long sided. Mr 125 comes from a very strong cow family at Arrowsmith Red Angus. He has excellent feet, strong bone and a soft disposition. We feel his strengths will cross well with our cow herd, and we look forward to getting his daughters into production.

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